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 Let me introduce myself...

As long as I can remember, I have always been highly sensitive to people and the environment around me. I remember when I was a teenager searching the internet trying to find some answers and meaning, as to why I felt so different. It wasn't until I was in my early 20's that I realized that I am an empath. This explained why I easily get overwhelmed in crowds, my need to spend time alone after being around people, how I can easily pickup on other people's feelings and absorb it as being my own, being super sensitive to negativity, disharmony, and conflict, and needing to spend lots of time in nature in order to feel normal. I quickly started to learn that by avoiding certain situations, saying no, and spending more time in nature I could start to feel balanced. I also learned that the more time I spent in nature, I was able to connect with myself and thus my intuition.


My intuitive and psychic abilities started to manifest, as I began to study and learn how to evolve my natural gifts. I don't know why, but I have always been drawn to eastern philosophies, alternative healing, and metaphysics. I was first introduced to the concept of energy healing through Reiki where I learned about the chakras and energy. I remember one day in my level one Reiki class learning that you can send distance healing energy to someone on the other side of the world, into the past, or into the future. This concept blew my mind! I was so intrigued and wanted to learn more, so I ended up getting my Masters in Reiki and later certified.


Over the years I have attended psychic development courses, shamanic journeying workshops, and meditation circles to develop my psychic and intuitive abilities. When you start to walk down a spiritual path that connects you closer to yourself and with the divine or universe, you quickly realize that you need to clear out and remove all the obstacles and barriers in your path in order to evolve. This deep inner calling has inspired me on my own path of self-discovery and spiritual healing. As a result, I have studied a broad range of health and spiritual topics and have used this knowledge to heal and balance my own body, mind, and spirit by using a blend of energy healing, sound vibration healing, crystal healing, therapeutic oils, flower essence, nutrition, exercise, yoga, affirmations, and meditations. 


With a medical background in Therapeutic Recreation and my experience working in acute and community settings, I have knowledge and expertise working with people living with chronic health conditions, physical and cognitive impairments and/or disabilities, as well, as mental health and substance use disorders. I believe that what we show on the outside does not always reflect what we feel on the inside. I also know how easy it is to be disconnected from oneself and not fully be conscious of how our past and/or present feelings can affect our present and/or future well-being. 

I have helped many people to ground, find balance, and connect with their intuition by helping them discover their own unique purpose. I believe that the answers we seek are within ourselves, but sometimes we need some help to find the way. My own unique journey lead me down a path that I could never have imagined and in doing so, I had to learn to listen to the beat of my own drum. I now fully trust that I have found my purpose in this life and that I am here to help you to find yours. So let me help you. Let me help you to listen to the beat of your own drum.

With love,

Courtenay Jean


"I believe that dis-ease is created when we neglect to listen to our body, mind, and spirit. Imbalances in the body on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels can manifest into physical dis-ease when not treated.


Most people don't realize that the pain they are feeling in their bodies can also be the result of mental, emotional, or spiritual stress that has occurred because one has not been able to heal at these levels. This could have been the result of a dysfunctional childhood upbringing, trauma, abuse, failed relationships, feelings of rejection, abandonment, guilt, or shame, missed opportunities, accidents, or grief and loss.


Sadly, the medical system is not set up to address the multidimensional layers that exists in each person. The medical system only addresses disease or dis-ease on the physical level. It is solely driven to fix the physical symptoms a person may have, yet fails to investigate the root causes behind a person's disease/dis-ease. It fails to address and acknowledge how our mental, emotional, and spiritual states can affect our physical health and well-being.


But what if there was a way to prevent dis-ease from occurring by just listening our bodies? What would happen if we decided to listen to our hearts and allow healing to occur on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level? Just imagine all the possibilities that could occur!"

- Courtenay Jean

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