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Holistic Healing

I offer distant Reiki sessions and in person holistic healing treatments to help reduce stress, anxiety, rumination & overthinking, mental & emotional fatigue, confusion, and physical discomfort and/or pain. My healing treatments will help ground you and restore balance and peace in your body, mind, and spirit.

In person holistic healing session - 60 minutes



An in person holistic healing treatment consists of a 60 minute session. These healing treatments are unique to each individual and each session can consist of a blend of healing techniques, such as Reiki, crystal healing therapy, and shamanic methods. My in person healing treatments are located in New Westminster. 

Distant Reiki treatment session - 45 minutes 



A distant Reiki treatment session is offered via Zoom. You will have the opportunity to get comfortable and relax in your own bed while the Reiki session occurs. After the session, I will share with you any messages I received during your treatment session.


Reiki Treatment
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