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A few months ago during a meditation, my guides came to me and told me that I need to start blogging. I laughed at the suggestion and asked them what I need to write about? They said that it is not up to them to tell me what to write about and that I need to figure that out on my own. Which brings me to this moment where I stare blankly at my computer screen unsure what to say. Most English professors that i've had claim that if you just starting writing "it" will come to you. Well, i'm still waiting for "it" to happen!

But maybe I am going about it all wrong? Why do we have to complicate things when the solution is really so simple. Just start at the beginning and quit trying to explain a story that you are 10 chapters in. The only way to do that is to start at step 1: introduce yourself.

Hi! My name is Courtenay Jean and I am on a spiritual journey towards self-discovery. Man, that feels so good to say out loud. I am on a spiritual journey towards self-discovery!!!

Looking back, I have always been drawn to new age, ancient medicinal healing, eastern philosophies, the healing arts, psychology, metaphysics, and nature. From there, curiosity grew into buying books and reading to learning to later attending workshops and then to mastering healing techniques. I have a unquenchable thirst for learning and reading about self-discovery through spiritual growth and expansion. Banyen Books has become my awakening for knowledge and truth. As I continue down this path, I seem to meet others like me, who are searching for the truth. They either come to me as a teacher, a student or a comrade whose's path mirrors mine.

Throughout out the years, I have met many kindred spirits who have helped shape my path to what it is today. If it wasn't for their presence, their energy, and their lessons, I probably would be stuck somewhere doing something that is numbing and meaningless. Even though some of our interactions were brief that is all it takes to make a change in someone's life. I like to think of the domino effect. A slight tap on one domino can start a cascade of reactions that changes the whole course. But to you, looking down, you intended it to happen this way. You designed the course to look like that and patiently await for that one instant moment - that one spark of consciousness to see it all unravel.

I don't remember when or where my spiritual journey started. All I know is that I have been on this journey for awhile now. The last couple of years have been interesting though. I would say that things have started to accelerate and people are coming to me more frequently looking for my services. I feel, however, that this is not just happening to me and many others are feeling the same way. Mother earth, the divine, whoever you believe in, is asking us to AWAKEN!!!

Which brings me to the purpose for starting this blog. I hope that through my thoughts, intentions, and energy I can help you to find your purpose; to inspire you to start your spiritual journey towards self-discovery, or at least get you curious about finding out about your own truth. Who knows, maybe one of my blogs or videos will be the spark of consciousness that you have been waiting patiently for :)


Courtenay Jean

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