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Shamanic Journeying

Shamanism is one of the oldest healing modalities on the planet. Its essence is in the ability to connect with nature and all of creation. Shamanism originated in Siberia; however, many indigenous cultures around the world have orchestrated similar ceremonial practices. Archeologist  have found evidence of shamanism tracing back to around 40,000 years ago or more. 


A shaman is a person who can see in the dark or see beyond the veil of this reality into spiritual realms. In indigenous cultures, each tribe or community had at least one shaman who would be consulted for various issues. Each shaman had specific healing methods, such as receiving divine information, helping spirits cross over, perform healing ceremonies for communities, or healing illnesses. These shamans can be compared to our modern day doctors, midwives, priests, meteorologists, psychotherapists, mediums, psychics, and story tellers.

Shamanic journeying is an ancient meditative method  shamans use to bring back wisdom and knowledge from the etheric or earth/animal kingdom worlds. Shamans have been known to use a drum, rattle, clicking of sticks, bells, or chanting to create a rhythmic sequence in order to enter into an altered state of consciousness. While journeying a shaman can receive answers to questions, discover one's power animal, or clear away any negative or intrusive energies, so one can optimize their own healing abilities.


Each shaman has at least one power animal that acts as their guide while journeying; however, indigenous cultures believed that we all have a power animal just waiting to be discovered and to connect with. Each animal represents an archetype or has certain characteristics, teachings, or messages for us. Sometimes we are surprised by the type of animal that comes forward, but don't judge a book by its cover because even the tiniest of insects holds great spiritual power, strength, and wisdom.

A shamanic journeying session with me is done remotely. I begin each shamanic journeying session by opening scared space and connecting to my spirit guides, angels, power animals, higher self, and the divine to assist me with your question and to discover your power animal. I spend about 45 minutes in a meditative state where I will gather all your information. In the report you will discover what your power animal is, what characteristics, strengths, and teachings it represents, and any gifts, blessings or messages your animal has for you. Once I have completed the journeying session, I will compile all the information into a written report and will email it to you.

Please note that I do not use any psychedelics or mind-altering drugs to enter into an alternative state of consciousness. Each journeying session in facilitated in a sacred space with the highest intention for good.

Price: CAD$60.00

Indigenous shamanic cultures believe tha
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