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Soul Coaching ... Coming Soon!

Some of us were born with an inner knowing that we are here for a reason. We feel this calling, yet we don't know what it means or how to fulfill it. I have worked with so many healers, light workers, and intuitives who were not aware of their natural gifts and yet they have this incredible ability to help others in a deeper and meaningful way.


Signs you are a lightworker​:

  • you have a strong inner calling to serve in some way

  • you are obsessed with personal and spiritual development

  • you have natural abilities to heal others with your presence, touch or kind words

  • you love working with crystals, oils, plant medicine, etc...

  • you are a truth seeker and look for the deeper meanings in life

  • you have always felt different from others

  • you are an empath, intuitive, and have deep compassion for others

  • you believe in angels, fairies, mermaids, etc.

  • you love being in nature and require time alone to recharge

  • you care a lot about the environment and are concerned about the planet

  • you have a deep connection to animals and they gravitate  towards you

If you believe you are a lightworker or healer and want to be able to trust your intuition in order to respond to a higher calling, but require some guidance into uncovering your natural gifts or finding out what blockages are preventing you from living your truth, then reach out and connect with me and let's journey together.

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