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Medical Intuitive Aura Scan

The medical intuitive aura scan is a quick snap shot of your current energetic field, which may identify imbalances, blockages, or disharmony in your body, chakras, or energetic fields, also commonly known as your aura. These could be situated in the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual levels. The energy I read could be coming from within your body (i.e. organs) or away from your body in your energetic fields (i.e. the etheric template is about 1-2 feet away from your body).

It is important to note that your aura and/or energy frequency can change; therefore, this scan/painting is not a permanent representation of you. It is only an information-gathering tool, as to where your attention may need to be directed to promote balance or healing.

Each medical intuitive aura scan that I work on is created in a scared space. By using Shamanic methods I am able to connect with my spirit guides, angels, power animals, higher self, and the divine to assist me with your scan. To create your aura scan, I spend about two hours in a meditative state. During that time, I tune into your energies and scan your aura, chakras, and body for any imbalances or disharmony, as well as receiving any important messages. Once I have completed the scan I compile all the information into a written report. 

In order to complete your medical intuitive aura scan I require your name and photo, so I can tune into your energy. Please email me a photo of yourself to

Price: CAD$85.00

Price: CAD$120.00 includes watercolour aura painting

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