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Shayla W.

Courtenay's passion for energy and healing shows in every aspect of her life. She is constantly learning, growing and sharing her knowledge with others. It is refreshing to be able to bask in her light, as she imbues positivity and love to those around her. 


Shalena C.

I love seeing Courtenay for healing sessions. I've been seeing her for years. I always feel so relaxed, balanced, and at peace after a session. I feel it's really helped my overall well being. Courtenay is so intuned to what's going on in my body, she seems to just know what's going on. Not only is she gifted intuitively, she also has a vast knowledge of health related topics to help with my healing progress. I highly recommend her!

Antler in Nature

Selina D.

When I first decided to see Courtenay I was in a place where I felt my energy was being blocked and I wasn't able to move ahead. When I walked into the room Courtenay immediately told me about some energetic feelings she picked up about me before we met. I was amazed that she was able to sense these things before I even told her what was wrong. At the end of the session Courtenay gave me some useful insights and I felt clearer in my mind and body when I left. Thanks so much!






Lesley K.

I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE the aura scan painting. I think it is so so beautiful and helps to create that visual for the various energies. Love it!

Horse Stall Portrait

Shayna D.

Wow! You certainly have a gift! So many things were really bang-on and I totally resonated. It's pretty surreal how you put so many of my thoughts into words. It was really reassuring and gave me some much needed energy to keep on being true to myself and working hard to manifest positive things. You were particularly tuned into my career/school stuff,  a lot of things I didn't necessarily realize, but once you said it made perfect sense. So great to get that validation. Thank you SO much!

Adult and Baby Elephant

Lalaine T.

Courtenay gave me my very first intuitive reading. I walked away speechless, wondering how she was able to be so on point. It really is mind blowing how accurate she has been with the events that have happened in my life since I've had a reading from her. I've learned so much about myself and how to be more attuned with myself thanks to Courtenay.

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