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Intuitive Readings

My intuitive readings will offer you guidance, clarity, and comfort for when you are either facing an important decision, needing reassurance that you are on the right path, or seeking that hope & optimism that things will turn out alright. This maybe related to areas such as, school & education, career & finances, love & relationships, home & family, health & well-being, or travel & adventure. 


My process is a little bit unique. Before our session begins, I create a sacred space by connecting with my spirit guides, angels, power animals, higher self, and the divine to assist me with your intuitive reading. I will spend sometime meditating, tuning into your energetic field by scanning your chakras for any imbalances or blockages that may be held in your body, as well as look at all areas of your life where there could be disharmony.

When it is time to meet over Zoom, I will first let you know of the messages I have interpreted from the divine before answering your specific questions. 

All my readings are done on-line via Zoom and are audio recorded and emailed after the session.

Price: 30 minutes - CAD$60.00

Price: 45 minutes - CAD$80.00 

Price: 60 minutes - CAD$100.00

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